Professional Digital Light Meter | KS-L-10P

The KS-L-10P Professional Light meter uses photopic spectral sensitivity which closely mimics the response of the human eye to changes in light for more accurate measurements, with a rapid response time. Other features includes storng min/max values, can measure in LUX or FC (foot candles) and data hold, with a large LCD for easier and convenient recording of measurements.


• Data hold
• Relative mode
• Auto zeroing
• Long-life silicon photo diode sensor
• Selectable Lux or fc scale
• Auto power off: 30 minutes
• Compatible with LED lighting
• Max and min measurements
• Easy to read backlit display
• Includes carry case


• Display: 4,000 count with 41 segment bargraph
• Max measurement: 400,000lux / 40.00 kFc
• Spectral response: CIE Photopic
• Spectral accuracy: CIE VA function f1 Cosine response: f2 Accuracy: +/-5% +/-10d (10000 lux)
• Accuracy for C.I.E. standard illuminance A(2856K)
• Sampling rate: 1.5 times/second